Just a few hours left……

As Washington DC concludes final rehearsals in anticipation of today’s inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America, rehearsals of not just events related to the ceremony taking place in front of the nation’s capital, but also events set to take place once President Trump takes over the Oval Office, the city, under the gaze of the waiting world, is bracing for profound change.

At the moment of the taking of the Oath of Office,  swearing in a new President of the union, moving out of the nation’s capital will be a first family that has lead a number of firsts in not just American politics, but society and ideology. Being the first African-American President of the United States started was the first of the first. Many subtitles soon followed.

As the people of the USA and world look upon the legacy of President Obama, many positives and negatives will emerge across the economic, political and social spectrum. Viewpoints will be as many as voices. Over his eight year term, President Obama has established an immense portfolio of highest accolades, and of heartaches. Debates will continue for decades.

What cannot be debated, however, is the show of character that President Obama brought to America and the World. Importantly, to the White House, and the American people, he brought remarkable class, commitment, compassion, courage.

And now it is time for closure.

So much can be said, and no doubt will, about POTUS #44. As is the case for POTUS #45, still due to rest his hand on the Bible in swearing his service to the American people as the rest of the world watches on.

Whatever happens, whatever may be for the US, and the world, as the winds of change blow through Washington DC today, immediately reaching out to the world through the media and global markets, one thing is certain:

“The sun will rise tomorrow…”



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