About Anita

About Anita

A committed Tourism & Development practitioner, Anita Mendiratta is the Founder and President of ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates (first launched as CACHET CONSULTING), a London-based international consulting firm created in 2002 that she has championed over the past 17 years. Working closely with leaders in governments, businesses, and international organisations across the Tourism, Aviation and Development sectors, Anita is globally trusted and respected as a strategic advisor and six-time published author.

Anita began her professional career along a blue chip corporate path, working in a number of Fortune 500 companies (IBM, Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company), before advancing to a leadership positions within one of WPP’s global consulting firms (The Added Value Group). Today, with over two decades of global professional working and living experience, Anita’s hands-on, cross-cultural, cross-industry experience in both public and private sectors has created an innate ability to feel the ‘heartbeat’ of societies – the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental dynamics impacting and inspiring nations facing change, including confronting challenge.

Importantly, with proven agility and acumen in mobilising impact across diplomatic, governmental and business spheres, her exceptional skills in assisting clients in defining and mobilising critical principles and practices vital to individual and collective impact has earned her the trust needed to work directly with leadership teams to unlock higher levels of performance.

For this reason, Anita is highly sought after as both a strategist & advisor in the areas of national growth, development, and often, recovery.

Increasingly, Anita is called upon to be the bridge between government and business, assisting leaders to address conflict and find common ground to enable advancement of common agendas, breaking through areas of contrast and/or conflict to realise shared aspirations.


Her work regularly includes advising, educating, lecturing and facilitating across:

Tourism Strategy Development
Performance Design and Evaluation
Public:Private Sector Partnership
Community Engagement
Stakeholder Alignment (including Conflict Resolution)
Media and Communications Strategy
Nation Branding 

Alongside her business leadership, Anita is also honoured to hold roles including:

  • Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the UNWTO
  • Strategic partner to the WORLD BANK GROUP, IATA, ATAG and the WTTC
  • Lead consultant of CNN International’s T.A.S.K. GROUP
  • Board member of Thebe Tourism Group and Cullinan Holdings
  • Advisory Board Member of the Royal Commission of Al-Ula
  • Advisory Board Member of Treadright Foundation

Central to her impact has been her ability to alert and activate people towards the sensitivities and responsibilities of the Tourism industry as a meaningful, inclusive, truly sustainable force for good for all.

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