About Anita

About Anita

When global leaders are facing crisis or excited to unlock opportunity, they turn to Anita Mendiratta. Respected as an executive advisor, author, diplomat, and on-air personality in Tourism, Development, and Leadership, Anita leads Anita Mendiratta & Associates. With professional foundations with IBM, Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company, Anita possesses over three decades of experience across over 100 countries and is admired for having an innate ability to feel the ‘heartbeat’ behind the economic, social, political, and environmental dynamics of nations.

Anita holds particular expertise in providing government tourism entities, airlines, airports, hotels, attractions and bid committees with a strategic compass for internal alignment and external impact. Since 2020, Anita has been guiding leaders and educators in sustainable recovery of Travel, Tourism and Aviation in a post-COVID world.

Recognised as one of the ‘Top 25 Inspirational Executives in Travel/Hospitality’, her latest book THE CALL TO LEADERSHIP: UNLOCKING THE LEADER WITHIN IN TIMES OF CRISIS was released worldwide in November 2023.

Receiving praise from across government, business, and academic circles worldwide along with nomination for numerous international book awards including The Financial Times Book of the Year 2024 and Best Business Book Award 2024, The book reveals the true essence of leadership in times of extreme challenge. Beyond technical aspects, it goes deep into the hearts and minds of global decision makers. Through exclusive interviews, C-suite leaders in business and government share never-before-heard perspectives on leading through one of the most challenging times in modern history – the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings are remarkable, emotionally raw, and rigorous as a study of exceptional leadership, revealing how we can understand, control, and navigate our own ability to face a crisis – personal or professional – emerging safer and stronger.

Importantly, one-third of all proceeds of the sales of the book will be donated directly to The Anita Mendiratta Foundation – her UK-registered charity which restores early childhood education in tourism-based economies and communities around the globe that are recovering from crisis.

Other honours include:

  • SPECIAL ADVISOR to the Secretary General, UN TOURISM (formerly UNWTO),
  • STRATEGIC ADVISOR – CNN International,
  • EXECUTIVE IN RESIDENCE – University of Surrey, UK,
  • VISITING PROFESSOR – Cranfield University, UK.

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