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June 2024 – Bloomberg Asharq – Weather Conditions to Blame for Recent Turbulence – IATA AGM

May 2024 – The National News – Global airlines gather in Dubai to tackle climate goals, supply chain woes and war impact
May 2024 – TRT World: Just 2 Degrees – Pilot loses control of plane
May 2024 – Associated Press – Analyst comments on Singapore Airlines SQ32 turbulence incident
May 2024 – Yahoo – Singapore Airlines SQ321 turbulence
May 2024 – CBS News – Singapore Airlines SQ321 – Passengers in Intensive Care
May 2024 – Washington Post – Several Injured passengers on turbulence
May 2024 – Independent –Bangkok hospital says most seriously injured from turbulence-hit flight need spinal operations
May 2024 – AP News with Audio Interview – Singapore Airlines SQ321 turbulence

April 2024 – Global TRT World: World Business – Boeing leadership changes / CEO resignation
April 2024 – BBC World: Business Report – Baggage fees increase / Easter travel
April 2024 – TRT World: Money Talks – Boeing whistleblower latest Boeing under Senate scrutiny over safety

March 2024 – UK LBC News – Boeing leadership changes

Key Areas of Expertise

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A firm advocate of the ability of tourism to successfully embed economic, social, cultural and environmental growth for nations, Anita makes the critical connections of destination development: competitive identity establishment, infrastructure investment, mega-event activation, local community engagement, culture & heritage protection, enterprise promotion and human capital advancement for the benefit of people and places worldwide.

Global Diplomacy

Against a backdrop of global tourism, aviation and development, Anita reinforces the importance of soft power to achieve cross-sectoral, cross-border, cross-cultural understanding and alignment essential to the fostering of international cooperation, conflict resolution and ultimately soft power.


Recognising that navigating through crises is a fundamental aspect of successful leadership, Anita applies her experience and expertise as a practitioner and author to embed understanding around how individuals, organisations, businesses and governments can clearly confidently, courageously and compassionately rise to disruptive and challenging situations.


Whether connecting the world through travel, trade or tourism, Anita champions aviation as a primary facilitator for driving global economic growth, development, unity and longevity – the lifeblood of global strength, and stability for generations to come

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