About the team

About the team

ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates is proud of its established position and profile within the global Tourism & Development community, working closely with leaders in governments, businesses, and international organisations across the travel, tourism, aviation and development sectors. The firm is known for bringing the various entities and individuals together around shared vision, strategies, metrics and communications for more cohesive direction for all stakeholders. Additional areas of focus include crisis management and recovery, stakeholder alignment, PPP and leadership analysis.

Leading the Team at ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates is ANITA MENDIRATTA – Founder & Managing Director.

Originally from Canada, Anita has over two decades of professional working and living experience across almost all continents. Her hands-on, cross-cultural, cross-industry, global experience in both public and private sectors has created an innate ability to feel the ‘heartbeat’ of destinations – the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental dynamics impacting and inspiring nations facing change. Her business has secured a position of pride within the global leadership community. Mendiratta is a trusted and respected as a global strategic advisor, author, speaker and board member in tourism & development. With professional foundations in Fortune 500 corporations including IBM, Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company, Anita shifted her corporate energies towards the creation of ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates (formerly known as Cachet Consulting).
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ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates is supported by associates committed to the firm’s promise and delivery of excellence.

JESSICA ZIJLSTRA – Head of Marketing & Business Development

Jessica is the marketing and digital lead of the business. From crafting social media messages to video production and digital design, her expertise and background are an integral part of ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates. Jessica brings to the firm her experience as a social media strategist, enabling clients to understand and effectively execute digital marketing strategies and social campaigns.

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GRACE TOWLER – Head of Finance & Business Development

As Head of Finance & Business Development, Grace provides invaluable support in business management and operations. As an educator by training, Grace’s strengths in problem identification and solution application are directly applied to her role as lead of research on key projects. This, combined with her personal love of travel and dedication to sport, allow her to direct her unique energy and drive towards helping clients achieve their goals.

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DANIEL  JOHN – Digital Communications Executive

Joining AM&A from the marketing agency world to take on leadership of digital marketing for The Anita Mendiratta Foundation, Daniel brings a wealth of digital marketing knowledge which includes developing, building and establishing social and digital identities, building online community, and embedding brand DNA in online communications. Daniel believes tourism to be a powerful catalyst for social change – a way to upgrade wellbeing and act as a tool in the preservation of our planet’s wildlife, all being passions of his.

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Daniel John

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