Anita is the Founder & President of ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates, an international consulting firm working closely with leaders in global governments, private sector businesses, families, and international organisations to provide critical direction, insight and inspiration into destination development, identity, recovery and competitiveness.

Through her work in Tourism and Development across the spectrum of Destination, Airline, Airport, Hotels & Resorts, and Mega-Events, Anita possesses acute understanding of the economic, social, political and environmental dynamics impacting and inspiring nations and businesses facing change.

Importantly, since 2020 Anita has become one of the most trusted global advisors to government and business leaders seeking to understand the impact of COVID-19, guiding them through short, medium and long-term decision-making to re-imagine, re-strengthen, and re-build a stronger, more sustainable future. Her work regularly includes advising, educating, lecturing and facilitating across:

– Strategy Development
– Performance Design and Evaluation
– Public: Private Sector Partnership
– Community Engagement
– Stakeholder Alignment (including Conflict Resolution)
Media and Communications Strategy
– Nation Branding
– Coaching

Clients Include:

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