About the firm

About the firm

ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates (first launched as CACHET CONSULTING), under the leadership of ANITA MENDIRATTA, is a London based global management consultancy specialising in the sectors of Tourism and Development.

Trusted and respected at local, national and international levels across destinations, airlines, airports, hotels & resorts, major events, bid committees and attractions, ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates prides itself in providing its global corporate and government Clients with solid, bespoke strategic solutions through the proven principles and processes. Clients across the public and private sector spheres, across the world, are able to confidently, collectively, clearly and credibly move forward through the achievement of the fundamentals of strategic, solid, sustainable destination growth and development.

At the core of ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates is a unique, increasingly in-demand offering specifically designed for global leaders in Tourism and Development. CACHET Consulting focuses on building top level government and business leaders, and their organisations, as a prelude to strengthening their nation and/or business building sustainable, purposeful performance capabilities.

Uniquely, ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates provides international T&T entities – destination marketing organisations, government bodies, airlines, airports, hotels, attractions and bid committees – with a strategic compass for internal alignment and external impact.

Importantly, ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates holds established expertise in facilitation of strategic processes – a critical aspect of strategy development and implementation including:

  • Alignment to a shared Vision
  • Definition of a clear strategy and implementation plan to fulfill aspirations
  • Determination of clear, competitive, uniting core messaging
  • Identification of key stakeholders, from both private and public sectors, critical to delivery
  • Setting of metrics to monitor fulfillment and ensure adherence to key performance indicators

Through years of experience in guiding public and private sector entities in strategic goal setting and process design, as well as highly attuned skills in conflict resolution, ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates offers clients a unique balance of vision, inspiration, process discipline and accountability.

Specific areas of expertise lie in:

  • Strategy Development
  • Communications
  • Crisis Management (From Preparation To Recovery)
  • Media Relations
  • Stakeholder Alignment and Partnership Development (Public and Private Sector)
  • Conflict Resolution

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