2011 has been a hard year.

Hard politically, economically, socially, environmentally.

This past year has tested our limits in addressing challenges, finding unique solutions to problems beyond fiction.

Most importantly, this past year has tested faith – faith in systems, structures and sensibilities.

And yet through it all, the world has continued to move forward, sparking confidence and belief in possibility even when rationalizing lack of probability.

Step by step, second by second, the world moves forward.

Because it has to.

Regardless of our ages, our ideologies, our beliefs, our battles past, and our war wounds, We need to believe in the possibility of moving forward.

It is like a child’s belief in Santa…

With big big eyes, an open heart and a look of that shows just how much faith is held within that child’s little body, a child approaches Santa knowing he is the one person who can be trusted, whispered to in strictest confidence, to listen to their greatest wishes, and make things right.

As beautifully captured by Jack Sanderson in the recently released documentary “Becoming Santa”, it’s all about the remarkable force of faith.

It is this force that turned 2011 into a year of making history through possibility, and will continue to keep us forward focused in 2012.

To believe is hard, but it is essential. And it is an immense blessing.

Besides, who says there’s no such thing as Santa Claus?

Happy 2012.

Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2011