We all knew the symptoms.

We all knew the signs.

It wasn’t something unfamiliar.

And yet being told it’s COVID can be quite a surprise, especially when it’s COVID for the second time.

Now it all makes sense. All the symptoms, and all the signs.

As we move into year three of COVID around the world with different countries facing different levels of openness and closure, it is so easy for us all to start to become quite lazy about the situation.

It’s like the flu.”

“It’s like a common cold.”

“Once you test negative after having tested positive, you’re in the clear.”

“It’s given me antibodies!”

It’s not the case.

It’s not as easy as that.

It’s not suddenly over.

The fact that it’s always going to be with us. And when one gets it, especially for a second and possibly third, the shock can be quite significant.


Because the surprise is not having felt the symptoms, not recognising the signs, again.

A simple cough is assumed to be a simple cough, a restriction on lung capacity simply thought to be something else.

A blip in strength refusing to move on.

And then suddenly it all makes sense.

It’s COVID, again.

And then consider this: how many people go through the symptoms, go through the signs, with no sense at all that they’re going through another positive, and in doing so, that they’re at the risk of infecting others again, for the first possibly second time?

COVID 19 is showing us that the numbers do not have a limit: the cases, the losses.

COVID 19 is showing us that the damage can continue: across the body, across borders, across industries and communities, across the world.

COVID 19 is showing us that Mother Nature is still in charge. x


Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2022