The occasion of ‘Thanksgiving’, celebrated at the end of November in the USA (October in Canada), has taken on a greater significance this year. Global significance. 2010 has been a year of surprising challenges, surprising stories of triumph, surprising heroes. So much to reflect on, so much to give thanks for, so many heroes to express thanks to.

Heroes are single stars in a dark night’s sky. They make us look up…and they make us look for more stars through the faith they bring with their light.

Most importantly, heroes remind us, clearly and vibrantly, that it’s about so much more than just ‘me’, ‘here’, ‘now’. And that it is for each of us to inspire others to look up. Through acts of goodness, kindness and purpose. Because we can.

CNN’s annual search for ‘Heroes’ once again uncovered a world of truly inspirational, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And in so doing they have re-sparked the night skies:

May 2011 be a year when the word ‘hero’ evolves from noun to verb, from a single star to a glowing constellation, keeping us looking up with fingers pointing to ensure others also see, and feel, their power.

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