For 10 days it was as if she and Mother Nature were in concert…

When the skies needed to shine, they did,

When the raindrops, the tears, needed to fall, they did.

When the rainbows needed to be seen, felt, they were.

When warmth needed to be felt, it was.

When nights needed to be forgiving, they were.

When her presence needed to linger just that much longer…it did.


Over 10 days of national mourning,

those who loved her,

directly or indirectly,

knowing her or simply knowing of her,

focused on her in union

in silence.

in stillness

in gratitude.


10 days that were not about pageantry,

not about celebrity,

not even about royalty.

They were about dignity,



They were about farewell to Her Majesty,

and, it felt, to all those that were lost over the past 2+ years,

all that which was lost over the past 2+ years,

all that was,

For millions, billions, lining the streets, watching the screens,

across the world.


And now, in the days that follow,

the clouds are gathering,

the flowers are withering,

the horses are resting,

the streets are buzzing,

the news stories are shifting.

The work of the land continues.


But for those 10 days, those 10 special days,

her family, her people, and the world, paused,


gave thanks,

and healed,

as if somehow she knew.


Rest very peacefully now, Ma’am.

And thank you. x


Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2022