When a mighty pillar stands, so often its strength is not fully seen.

Nor its exquisite detail.

Nor its exceptional courage.

Nor its boldness of vision.

When a mighty pillar stands, so often its protection is not felt.

Nor its tireless dedication.

Nor its humility.


Quietly, ever still, it holds up the sky.

Beneath it is created a space, a safe space, for others to take in the view of the world.

A place to imagine, to create, to conquer.

A place to think, to dream, to ponder, to reflect, to grow.

A place to focus one’s eyes on the future, aligning one’s mind, heart, hopes, and actions to what can be.

A place to find courage, to fuel ambition, to hear a calling.

A place to take one’s first steps into the sun.


There it stands, silently, watchfully, forever – seemingly.

And then the unimaginable happens. It falls.


When a mighty pillar falls, each and every second of its crumbling down can be heard, can be felt, cannot be escaped.

Cannot be stopped.

Each and every piece of marble – marble that has stood strong, solid, silently – can be heard as it crashes loudly and painfully to the ground.

Deeply, hauntingly, the rumble of the fall shocks our spirit, strikes our emotions, penetrates our hearts.

The earth beneath is left shaking.

We are left grieving.


And yet,

when a mighty pillar falls,

we are reminded of the profound blessing of its presence while it stood tall –

holding the sky above us,

for us,

inspiring us to look up.

Inspiring us to continue to quietly, humbly yet boldly, build.


For your life,

for your leadership,

for your love,

Thank you, Sir. x

SST 1930 – 2021


Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2021 https://www.stanleytollman.com/about/