One thing. What is the one thing that you are going to do for you this year?

It is a question that often floats to the top of one’s thoughts when January arrives, and the habitual creation of New Years Resolutions. What is the one thing that you have committed to making happen this year? Truth is, it is often a handover of something meant to happen the year(s) before, that simply never managed to be achieved. Gaining a new language. Losing weight. Adding a new tick to the bucket list. Taking away those aspects of life creating clutter, chaos, concern.


If the year could be marked by only one thing, one defining feature of change for oneself, what would it be? What really matters most? Importantly, what would make the freedom of a fresh, new 365 days unwasted if (finally) achieved. Equally, what would make a heart sad if the year were to pass and it remained a lingering wish of fulfillment.

These are the investments we make in ourselves. These are the words we carefully write as we capture the story of our lives. These are the quiet, personal quests that bring value to our lives. And learning. And quiet love of life.

At the same time, how can our lives be of value to others? For every ‘one for me’, what is the ‘one for them’. Who is the ‘them’? And how can our lives bring more life to theirs?

As time passes, as miles are crossed, as meaning is intensified, the ability to actively, even passively, make a difference in the life on another becomes more motivating. Because we can.

Which is another reason why January offers such a perfect opportunity to recommit. And in so doing, reconnect to one’s constructively compassionate heart. Something – some cause, some issue, some programme, some person, inspires breaking out of the bubble of ‘I’ and looking further to the ability to impact another.

Pick one. Whatever the cause, whatever the me issue, whatever the programme, whomever the person, be inspired to break out of the bubble, to make a difference. To commit to a year of support.

One heart. One choice. One stop-order.

In just one moment a year of making a genuine difference is mobilized, making this year one to quietly look upon as one that was lived richly.

Pick one. x


Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2018