December 24th.

Work phones and emails are silencing across networks, deep exhales are sounding across the globe. Everywhere, whatever the global coordinates, local sentiments, races & religions, rhymes or reasons of daily life, a hush is setting in. Something soft, something special, is filling the air. Something that unites us all, whatever our religion / faith / spiritual sensibilities. Like fairy dust, it makes this night brighter, merrier….softer, slower, kinder.

It happens every year at this time. Christmas eve. A day when miles are travelled by millions for the sake of simply being together. As the clock nears its moment of striking midnight, a sudden rush of emotion is felt to be where one needs to be, to be with whom one’s heart most desires, white Christmas or not, even if only in one’s dreams…

It is moments such as these that magnify the gift that is travel – the ability to come together to share the times that truly matter.

At this moment, according to NORAD’s so stunning Santa Tracker, Santa has just left Nepal, he now making his way to India. From there it is onward to Sri Lanka, followed by the Maldives, back through India, up to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, through the Middle East, then onward westward. With magic up above, children across the globe look up the skies. Grown ups too. It’s impossible not to. Maybe, just maybe the sound of bells will be faintly heard, the soft glow of a red nose may be faintly visible…

On this night, while our eyes may see nothing, the image in our hearts is clear. The world’s most dedicated traveller never fails to deliver, in all ways. With 9 reindeer leading the way, a soft red globe at the front of the pack, Santa is spending this night crossing regions, and religions, sprinkling the world with the gift wonder.

As midnight rings in across the globe, wherever you may be, whatever your spirit may sing to, may this night be one to pause your thoughts, squeeze your heart, and leave you feeling blessed in your ‘here & now’.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight. x


Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2016