This past week Africa lost one of its magnificent lionesses.

A force of nature, a woman of great strength, courage, grace and class, this young and vibrant lioness spent her last years fighting. Her fight, sadly, recently ended, the great lioness shutting her eyes far, far to early for a creature so ‘alive’. Shock immediately swept through the land. How could a life so full, free, fiery and fanciful suddenly be no more?

To people in shock across South Africa and the world, the passing of Sindiswa Nhlumayo has been a stark reminder of just how bold the assumption of tomorrow can be. And how such boldness can leave one speechless, literally and figuratively.

Yet the tendency to defer action for another time occurs so frequently, so naturally, and so understandably. Because the reality is this: each and every morning, everywhere, a new day welcomes a new list of things to be done, places to go, people to meet, priorities to be held central to our day’s events. Busyness eclipses being still, both in body and mind. The sense of ‘always there‘ makes it possible to push off the message of an inner voice until later. Surely there will always be more time.

This past week, as the lioness quietly left our lives,  a whispered message followed her sultry steps. This message, channelled through euology written simply too early in life to honour a now-celebrated life passed on, still lingers since its first moments of composition: do it now.

If you think of someone, call them now.

If you love someone, tell them now.

If you feel someone needs help, reach out now.

If you are with those you love, hug them now.

If you have a dream, live it now!

Tomorrow, the next day, next year, is a bold assumption.

A last message shared in last moments.

One so gratefully received. x



In loving memory of a life that brought such love, laughter, and a whole lot of style! Rest well, dear lioness.

Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2016