A new year is unfolding. Thankfully.
2009 is officially closed.
A clean slate allowing us all to reflect, re-focus, re-plan, re-dream.

Still, while the recession of 2009 may also now be defined, statistically, as over, allowing the global economy to exhale deeply and look forward with renewed hope,
the deep scars of the emotional recession still linger.
Holiday periods to close off 2009 and welcome in the new year have been needed, helpful,
But much healing is still to occur.
And it goes beyond the balance sheets.

In one year so much has been lost.
Fortunes yes.
But also legends, and leaders,
Heroes and homes,
Respect for governance and regard for greatness,
Rights for security and responsibility for stability,
role models and the belief systems,
so many of the fundamentals we as a global community needed to have trust and confidence in or futures, individually and collectively.
So much happened, so much beyond belief.

Our fast-forward techno-savvy lives cannot simply fast forward into 2010.
Putting the past behind us. Closing the files. It’s not that easy.
To fast forward with haste would be to fail to take the learnings we need to build a tomorrow stronger than today.

Because still there are fears. Fears of double dips and more pink slips.
Fears which defuse consumer and investor confidence critical to economic recovery.

So, with all the best of intentions and business plans, how do we move forward?
Genuinely reemerging in 2010 in a way which is informed and inspired?
By returning to the fundamentals – the things which truly matter.


The world is curious
The world is connected
And the world is excited to keep moving.

Now is the time for courage.
And for calling on “our better angels”.