Every day, everywhere it often seems, an overwhelming number of issues find themselves taking over our social media feeds.

Our minds.

Our hearts.

Urgent pleas from someone, somewhere, calling out for our attention, our support, our money. Now. Or it may be too late.

The need to know, to do something, seems to be growing.

How can this be? In so many ways, for those of us spending our days looking at screens, one can easily believe that our generation has never been more blessed, never more connected to one another. The living is easy.

Yet, somehow it still feels as though there are so many who have so little. And so many more are being forced into a reality where they are having to run with nothing at all. Crisis calling out for compassion, for caring. At times it can feel overwhelming, the social media noise making it hard to hear a single heartbeat, the noise creating the illusion that others are listening, responding. Something else needs us….and so we look away, maybe retweeting, but moving on.

And nothing happens.

Another night falls with a heart full of fear in finding a place to sleep, a meal to eat, strength to keep going, keep praying.

This need not be the case. There is always someone, somewhere, who can make a difference for someone, somewhere. Even if it is simply through the words “I see you.”

It takes just one. One person, connecting to someone else. Near, far, wherever sits in your heart as a reason to reach out. There is no ranking of what matters, who matters. The choice, the reason, the method of outreach need not be for anyone else to know. Put your heart, mind and name behind something that matter to you, truly matters, for whatever reason.

Please, just choose one. Do something: Donate. Advocate. Hold onto it tight for the long-term. Short-term hash-tagging may be a quick ego-rush, but it does not take away the pain for those who living in fear.

One cause, one hope, one hand to reach out to. One cause, one heartbeat, that really matters to you.

It takes just one. And suddenly, for someone, a very dark night starts to show signs of the dawn.




Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2017