As the last days of the first month of a new year draw near –
WEF delegates now back home facing post-Davos diets,
economic systems re-engineered in 2012 now starting to turn their wheels,
revolutionary aircraft launched to great fanfare now facing groundings that have even competitors respectfully silenced,
legal systems and voiceless citizens now standing up to fight for the protection of those put in harms way by simply being present,
nations of the Arab Spring now facing lightning storms beyond expectation, comprehension and faith in how, oh how, there can be peaceful conclusion,
– first impressions of the year ahead can easily leave one feeling deeply uncertain.

Dreadfully unsure.

Yet, not alone.

For the challenges that are to be faced in 2013, once again, show how borderless our world has become.

One cry out for help now draws the attention of millions.
One world now ties together 7 billion.

2012 was a year of re-building, and re-activating, global economies – global minds.
2013, from what first impressions reveal, will be a year of re-aligning, and re-inspiring, global hearts. Our ability to connect across borders, across systems, and across ideologies, will require a digging deep beyond anything experienced before. Calculations will no longer be about what we can gain – it will be about what we have to lose. And that goes so much farther than commerce, cliffs, commoddities, credit lines and currencies.

The test is clear. The time is now.

Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2013