WORLD MAP 5With experience speaking to audiences in the Middle East, Central America, USA, Asia, Africa and Europe, it is not surprising that Anita Mendiratta has established herself as one of the tourism industry’s most experienced global speakers.

Anita is now invited to speak at various conferences and summits across the world, connecting from one airport to the next to connect tourism ideas and opportunities for tourism nations and businesses.

Whether participating in panels, addressing audiences, moderating, or running training workshops, Anita’s unique ability and style to connect with people across a spectrum of cultures and capabilities enables her to share her knowledge, experience and love for tourism in ways that provide all present with the insight, inspiration and direction they need to advance their tourism aspirations.

To enquire on booking Anita for your next conference, meeting, panel etc, please contact ANITA@ANITAMENDIRATTA.COM

Click here for an overview Anita Mendiratta Speaking appointments 2012 to 2017 thus far.

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