Anita has authored five books thus far, further bringing her experience and expertise to life through her distinctive, engaging and inspiring writing style.

Published 2011
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closer2“COME CLOSER: How Tourism Is Shaping the Future of Nations” by Anita Mendiratta offers travel professionals a current demonstration of how tourism is shaping the future of nations economically, socially, philosophically, and competitively; how people and nations are coming together through tourism in ways previously unimagined.

Created with tourism leaders around the world in mind, from governments to global corporations, diplomats to business decision-makers, media to marketing authorities – this examination of the tourism sector from purpose to impact offers valuable insight for people playing a part in the global tourism economy.


“Anita Mendiratta is someone who tackles the richness and complexity of tourism simply – but not simplistically. Mendiratta captures both the essence and the opportunities of tourism in a readable, yet thought-provoking manner relevant to business operators and government decision makers alike. ‘Come Closer,’ in its multi-dimensional and engaging approach, compels readers to think differently and gain strategic insights crucial for moving the travel and tourism sector forward.” HANNAH MESSERLI, Private Sector Development/Tourism of the Africa Region for The World Bank Group,

“Come Closer is an excellent synopsis of the different roles everybody plays in travel and tourism and how each side can get the most out of it. The book is a fascinating account of how one of the world’s most important industries can be a win-win-win for governments, countries, and people. When Anita speaks about tourism, CEOs and Ministers listen. Her book should have them reading as well.” RICHARD QUEST, CNN International,

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Published 2013
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Book-2-coverUNWTO has released a new publication, “Tourism Stories”, a compilation of 14 poignant stories from people involved in the tourism industry around the world, and showcases how tourism has provided jobs and hope for them, their family, and their community. The first in a series of global captures of tourism voices and stories, the book acts as a powerful reminder of why tourism matters for tourism leaders across government, the private sector, academia and NGOs. Mendiratta’s “Tourism Stories” also digs deep beyond the numbers, and places focus on the tourism sector as a means of employment and enrichment. It also focuses on tourism industry workers at all levels, and across the globe who are ultimately responsible for fulfilling the dreams and ambitions of tourists.

As stated in the book’s foreword by Dr. Taleb Rifai , Secretary General of the UNWTO,: “These are the people who bring such meaning to our efforts to grow the tourism sector. These are the lives who depend on our fulfilling our promise to ensure that economic growth and development through tourism is people-centered and genuinely sustainable in the way that it impacts their daily lives. This book, “Tourism Stories,” written by the Anita Mendiratta, one of the best advocates of the values of our sector, is the first in a series of books that sets out to capture and showcase how tourism can change people’s lives and how people can change their future and that of their communities.”



Published 2015


On June 03rd, 2015, the Monitoring Centre for UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Observatories (MCSTO), in collaboration with the UNWTO launched a new book: “TOURISM SHAPING TOMORROW: GLOBAL OBSERVATORIES OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM – BUILDING A BETTER TOURISM FUTURE”.

Executive Edited by Anita Mendiratta, a strategic partner of the UNWTO, the book provides practical direction in monitoring and measurement of sustainable tourism. Through a showcase of the goals, work and measurable results of Observatories, the book offers direction on how nations can accurately measure the contribution that tourism is making towards providing jobs, strengthening economic activity, increasing differentiation and competitiveness, enhancing experience delivery, and playing a critical role in community development.

As expressed by Dr Rifai, Secretary General of the UNWTO,: “Tourism Shaping Tomorrow”, developed by the MCSTO in collaboration with the UNWTO, captures the essence of the work carried out by the Sustainable Tourism Observatories in China over the years. I trust this book will provide a better understanding of the challenges and importance of effectively measuring the impacts of tourism locally and I hope that it can serve as an inspiration to many destinations around the world.”



Published 2015


Inspired by the first book Tourism Stories – How Tourism Enriched My Life, this second book, Tourism Stories – My Story, My Community, Our Future is created by UNWTO to remind the global tourism community of the people behind the tourism numbers – the millions working in the tourism sector worldwide impacting their communities through their work in tourism. The book showcases shows how one person’s work has the ability to creatively unlock community value chains, proudly inspire the empowerment of women and revitalize history and traditions of the past to set the foundations for the future.

As stated by Dr Rifai, Secretary General of the UNWTO: “In 2013, UNWTO launched the first book Tourism Stories, shining a light on the people who every day create memorable experiences for travelers from around the world. The response to the book was overwhelming. Across the global tourism community, people were interested to hear more of these voices and share more of these stories. For this reason, UNWTO is proud to launch volume two of the celebration of the voices of tourism”.




Published 2016

tourism-storiesIn 2016, Department of Tourism (DOT) of The Philippines, in collaboration with the UNWTO and USAID, launched TOURISM STORIES, Philippines Edition. 

Once again Executive Edited by Anita Mendiratta, as expressed by Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr, DOT, Government of the Philippines,: “The book Tourism Stories is our way to celebrate the pride, optimism, resiliency, and fortitude of spirit of the people who are changing the lives of the tourists they encounter. Likewise, they are also the same people whose lives have been changed by tourism.”